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1. Tips for first-time renting an apartment in Shenzhen
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[1] When should I start looking for apartment?


Due to the high turnover in the Shenzhen housing market, the availability of the property might change very quickly, normally its better to check the housing on field (which means having apartment tour) about 2 weeks before or closer to move in date. But you can start to check listings online or ask us to send you apartment proposals 1 month before the move in date, so you would have a better idea of whats market like. 

Use "map" function on our website to check apartment listings in Shenzhen City, China.

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[2] What does the rent included?


Normally the rent that showed is only the rent, tax/fapiao/invoice are not included, management fee, WiFi fee and utility fee are not included.


[3] How much money should I prepare for signing an apartment?


Normally in Shenzhen, the first payment is: 

- Two months' rent for rental deposit

- One month rent in advance

- Half month rent for agent fee

So the first payment is 3.5 month rent in total.


Youdeposit and rent will be sent to the landlord directly, and there will be receipts for it, you will got the two months' deposit back after the contract is expired under the circumstances of there is no huge damage in the apartment.


[4]  Can I use my country currency to pay the rent and other fees?


All the rent and other fees shall pay in Chinese currency, RMB.


[5]  How much should I budget for the other monthly fees besides the rent?


We suggest to leave a buffer out of the rent budget for 500 ~1500 RMB for the management fee, utility and WiFi, but the utility fee actually depends on how much you use every month, so we can only give an estimate figure for reference.


[6]  Whats the lease duration?


If you rent from individual landlord, the lease is starting from one year. If you rent from service apartment, the lease could start from one month.


[7]  Whats the rent payment circle?


Rent is paid monthly, some of the landlord might request seasonal or annual payment, depending on individual landlord.


[8]  Can I use my countrys bank card to take out money and pay the fee in Shenzhen?


We suggest to prepare same amount of cash or available money in your Chinese bank account of 3.5 month rent(RMB) in advance, as not all countries bank card can get the amount money you need in a day in majority of Chinese bank, and the landlord would expect to receive the full amount payment when signing the contract.

[9]  What tools can I use for learning the rental market in Shenzhen?

Casa Rental has a housing website, which you can use to search the area, rent budget, house type.

Or you can contact us directly by searching WeChat ID: k15013542527 to add us for more information, thanks!

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