Casa Rental
Dream House Dear Home


Xinzhou, 2 Beds, Jia Bao Run, Futian , No.SZFTJBR4

Rent 6500  RMB/month
Square meter 70
Beds 2
Baths 1
Living Room 1
Kitchen 1
Balcony 1
Location Xinzhou
District Futian
Property Jia Bao Run
Rent range(¥) 5000~7000
Space range(㎡) 50~80
Housing Detail

Highlights of this housing:

Duplex/loft design, divide living and resting function

Local life environment, a lot of shops nearby, convenient for living.

620 meter distance to shopping mall

620 meter distance to Shixia station at line 7 and line 3

1.3 kilometer distance to Coco Park Shopping mall, where has a lot shops, Cafes and restaurants


Two month's rent for deposits

One month rent in advance

Half a month rent as commission fee

(No tax included)